woman getting out of car after an accident

No matter how safely you drive and maintain your car, you may still be involved in a car accident. In fact, the insurance industry estimates that a typical driver will be in one auto accident at least once every 18 years. Unfortunately, it is something you cannot always control.

However, you can control what you do after a car wreck. You can seek the compensation you are due – and you can work with an auto accident attorney who will fight hard to get you that compensation. You have only one opportunity, so make sure you choose a lawyer who keeps focusing on your best interest.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in Florence or a surrounding community in South Carolina, get help from our auto accident lawyers at Jebaily Law Firm.

Our car accident lawyers serve both in-state and out-of-state drivers, including those injured in accidents while driving on I-95 and I-20. Our car accident consultations are always free. Just call or click here today.

How Our Florence Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Your Claim

When you work with Jebaily Law Firm, you will put more than 100 years of combined legal experience on your side. We have a proven track record of getting fair compensation for auto accident victims. We also believe it is important to treat clients with respect and compassion.

Our record of results in South Carolina car accident cases includes:

Every case is different. Our past case results do not guarantee that the same or a similar outcome will be reached in your case. It is important to meet with us in a free consultation so that we can review the unique facts in your case.

You should never accept a settlement offer from an insurance company without allowing us to review your case first. You do not want to sign away your right to be fully compensated.

Our Florence Car Crash Attorney’s
Handle a Wide Range of Cases

Because of our experience with various types of car accidents in Florence, the Pee Dee region, and surrounding areas, we have the ability to handle a broad range of cases, including rear-end collisions, T-bone collisions, sideswipe accidents, head-on crashes, and rollovers.

We investigate every crash and consult with highly qualified experts in accident reconstruction, engineering, and other fields. In your case, they can help us to determine the underlying cause of your crash, which may be any one of the following:

Drunk Driving

Accidents caused by drivers who were impaired by alcohol or drugs at the time
of a crash (under some circumstances, both the driver and a store, bar or restaurant that provided alcohol to the driver could be held liable in a claim).

Distracted Driving

Drivers who were texting, talking on a cell phone, playing with a GPS device, eating, drinking, interacting with passengers or engaging in other distractions at the time of impact.

Drowsy driving

Accidents involving drivers who were too impaired by fatigue to be driving safely (a serious issue with commercial truck drivers).

Speeding and reckless driving

Crashes caused by drivers who were going too fast for conditions or breaking the posted speed limit.

Defective road conditions

Crashes caused by defectively designed or built roads or due to poor maintenance.

Defective automotive parts

Some car accidents can be traced to tire blowouts, tread separation, brake failures, faulty accelerators or defective ignition switches. Injuries may also occur when seat belts, airbags, child car seats, and other safety features fail to perform as they should.

It is important to begin a car accident investigation as soon as possible so that important photos and evidence are preserved. Contact us today to get started on your case.