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More people ride motorcycles today in Florence, Myrtle Beach and throughout South Carolina than ever before. Unfortunately, more motorcycle accidents are occurring than ever before as well.

The S.C. Department of Public Safety reports that during the past decade:

  • Motorcycle registrations in South Carolina increased by 22.5 percent.
  • At the same time, collisions involving motorcycles rose by 18.6 percent.

As attorneys who have been protecting the rights of South Carolina motorcyclists for Over 50 Years, we know that other motorists’ failure to safely share the road with motorcycles is one of the main reasons behind this spike in crashes.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, we can bring our deep understanding of these crashes to your case. We will aggressively pursue all compensation that you are due.

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What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Florence, South Carolina?

When you are ready to take legal action after a motorcycle crash, get in touch with our experienced accident attorneys to discuss the facts of your case. We can also answer any questions you may have about your legal rights and options.

Before you meet with us at our office in downtown Florence, we suggest that you do the following:

  • Seek medical attention. If you have not gone to your doctor or the emergency room, you should do so without delay. Some injuries – specifically head, internal organ and soft tissue injuries – can be difficult to detect. You need to be examined and, if necessary, started on a course of treatment.
  • Get a copy of your crash report. Go to the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles website to learn how you can order a crash report online. This report can provide a wealth of information that will help to launch an investigation of your motorcycle accident.
  • Gather all of your documents. Collect, copy and store in a folder any medical bills, motorcycle repair bills or receipts from other accident-related expenses. You should also keep copies of insurance company correspondence.
  • Decline to speak with the insurer. It is highly likely that the other driver’s insurance company will call you and ask for a recorded statement or, perhaps, make a motorcycle accident settlement offer. You should refer the insurer to your attorney.

The law provides a time limit, called a Statute of Limitations, within which you must file a personal injury lawsuit after a motorcycle accident occurs. If you fail to file within the appropriate time, your case can be forever barred.

So, if you have been hurt as a result of a motorcycle crash, you should reach out to Jebaily Law Firm without delay to protect your legal rights.

Why Do You Need a Florence Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Several years ago, the Insurance Research Council conducted a study that found that the average insurance payouts for crash victims represented by a lawyer are 3.5 times higher than the payouts for those without a lawyer.

It can be especially helpful to have an attorney by your side after a motorcycle accident in South Carolina.

This is because South Carolina is a comparative negligence state. The amount you can recover in damages after a crash can be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to you. If you are found to be 51 percent or more at fault, you can be barred from recovering anything.

So, in an attempt to deny or minimize your recovery in motorcycle accident claims, insurance companies will often try to place blame on the motorcyclist.

Your lawyer can effectively challenge this insurance company tactic in your case by conducting a thorough investigation. Doing so can establish undeniable facts about the cause of your accident and who should be held responsible for your losses.

Indeed, as the famous “Hurt Report” traffic safety study found many decades ago,  the leading cause of motorcycle crashes is the failure of motor vehicle drivers to “detect and recognize” motorcycle riders.

More recently, a study by Florida traffic safety officials found that car drivers are at fault in 60 percent of collisions between motorcycles and vehicles.

Additionally, an insurance company may assert that your injuries were made worse by your failure to wear a helmet or by bypassing traffic by lane splitting. However, the law in South Carolina is clear: If you are older than age 21, you are not legally required to wear a helmet, and lane splitting is illegal in South Carolina.

You can count on Jebaily Law Firm to aggressively investigate your case and stand up for your rights when dealing with insurance companies on your behalf. We will charge you no legal fees unless we obtain a motorcycle accident settlement or verdict for you.

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