Whether you live in Florence or elsewhere in South Carolina, you face the risk of getting into a car accident. You may be a safe, reasonable driver. However, you share the road with others. Unfortunately, many of those drivers choose to engage in careless or completely reckless conduct when they get behind the wheel.

South Carolina Car Accident Statistics

The most recent South Carolina car accident statistics show that a crash can happen to anyone and anywhere in our state. The S.C. Department of Public Safety (SCDPS) reports:

One in 18 licensed drivers in our state, or 5.5 percent of the total licensed population, was involved in a crash in 2015.

In 45 of the state’s 46 counties, at least one person died in a collision.

Here, we take a closer look at the numbers. Our car accident law firm realizes that these numbers represent individuals and families whose lives have been changed – in many cases, due to the negligence of other drivers. To discuss the specific facts of your auto accident, please contact Jebaily Law Firm today. We will review your case in a free consultation.

How Many Car Accidents Occur in South Carolina?

South Carolina, like the rest of the country, has seen a sharp increase recently in the number of car accident injuries and deaths. According to SCDPS and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, between 2014 and 2015:

  • Nationally, the number of traffic crash fatalities rose from 32,744 to 35,092, a 7.2 percent increase that marked the largest percentage increase in 50 years. In South Carolina, traffic crash deaths rose from 823 to 979 – a 19 percent increase.
  • Nationally, the number of traffic crash injuries went from 2.34 million to 2.44 million, or a 4.3 percent spike. In South Carolina, the injury count rose from 53,029 to 58,604, or a 10.5 percent increase.

Since 2011, the total number of traffic collisions in South Carolina has gone up every year. In 2015, a record 133,961 crashes occurred on our state’s roads, marking a 31.5 percent increase from 2011, when 101,842 crashes occurred.

Why Do Auto Accidents Happen in South Carolina?

Several factors could be contributing to the rise in auto accidents in South Carolina and across the country. As Car and Driver reports, “a bustling economy and cheap fuel prices explain part of the increase.” In other words, as the number of people on the road goes up – including the number of negligent drivers – so does the number of crashes.

SCDPS data from 2015 reveals that driver action causes nearly 95 percent of the crashes in South Carolina. The leading types of driver action that cause car accidents are:

The other factors that contribute to car accidents in South Carolina include defective roads, animals in the roadway and vehicle defects. Out of the vehicle defects, the ones most commonly involved in crashes are tires, wheels, brakes and steering mechanisms.

Who Gets Involved in South Carolina Auto Accidents?

Drivers of all ages get into car accidents in South Carolina. However, the accident rate is particularly high among teen drivers, or drivers in the 15 to 24 age group. According to SCDPS 2015 statistics:

One out of every 8 male drivers in the 15-24 age group (12.1 percent) was involved in an accident.

One out of every 9 female drivers in that same age group (10.8 percent) was involved in an accident.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that, nationally, an estimated 2,333 teens between the ages of 16 and 19 died in traffic crashes, while 221,313 received treatment for their injuries in emergency rooms.

Of course, motor vehicle drivers are not the only ones who get involved in crashes in South Carolina. For instance, in 2015, collisions also involved:

Additionally, out-of-state drivers account for 10.7 percent of the drivers who are involved in crashes on South Carolina roads, including drivers from North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Where and When Do Crashes Occur in South Carolina?

Most auto accidents in South Carolina occur on highways. In 2015, a reported 65,643 collisions occurred on U.S. and South Carolina primary routes, or 49 percent. Secondary roads accounted for 41,188 crashes, or 30.4 percent, while 11 percent of crashes occurred on interstate routes such as I-95. The fewest number of crashes happened on county roads (12,394, or 9.3 percent).

The counties in South Carolina with the highest total number of collisions in 2015 were:

Florence had the ninth-highest total number of collisions with 4,646. Additionally, the county had 1,434 injury collisions (eighth-highest) and 29 fatal collisions (11th highest).

When do accidents occur in our state? According to the SCDPS, the time of day with the highest number of collisions in 2015 was between 3:01 and 6 p.m. (33,731), while the most dangerous day of the week was Friday (22,790). October was the month with the highest number of crashes (13,138).

What Are the Consequences of South Carolina Car Accidents?

Traffic accidents resulted in $4.12 billion in “economic loss” in 2015, or an average of $30,755 per accident. That total amount marked a 14 percent increase from 2014.

In Florence County, traffic crashes caused a total of $161,286,600 in economic loss, or $34,715 per accident. The total amount marked a 31.6 percent increase from the year before.

“Economic loss” takes into account property damage, medical costs and lost productivity. It does not factor in the pain and suffering that people experience in auto accidents.

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