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Have you been hurt on the job as an industrial or manufacturing worker in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? If so, understanding your options for seeking compensation is essential. Depending on the circumstances of your work-related injury, you might have several avenues to seek financial relief and support for your recovery. However, preparing and pursuing injury claims for injured workers can be overwhelming, especially when you’re already struggling with a painful recovery.

That is where an experienced lawyer can make all the difference. A skilled Myrtle Beach workplace injury attorney from Jebaily Law Firm can guide you through the claims process and protect your interests every step of the way. We are ready to seek total compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other related losses. With our support, you can focus on your recovery while we handle all the legal details, maximizing your chances of receiving the full compensation you deserve.

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Common Safety Hazards in Manufacturing Jobs in Myrtle Beach, SC

Industrial and manufacturing environments often contain hazards that pose significant risks to workers. Some of the most common safety hazards present in industrial and manufacturing sites include:

  • Chemical exposures – Workers often handle or work near hazardous chemicals. These can include solvents, paints, and acids, which pose risks like burns, poisoning, and respiratory issues.
  • Equipment hazards – Moving machinery parts pose risks such as cuts, amputations, and crushing injuries. Inadequate machine guarding, malfunctions, and improper operation are common causes of injury.
  • Electrical hazards – These include risks from exposed wiring, overloaded circuits, and faulty electrical equipment, which can lead to electric shocks, burns, and fires.
  • Falls from heights – Workers operating on elevated platforms, scaffolding, or ladders face the risk of preventable falls. These can result from slips, trips, and inadequate fall-protection systems.
  • Noise pollution – Prolonged exposure to high noise levels can lead to hearing loss. It is common in areas with loud machinery or equipment.
  • Overexertion and repetitive stress injuries – Tasks that involve heavy lifting, repetitive motions, or awkward postures can cause musculoskeletal injuries that worsen over time.
  • Fires and explosions – Flammable materials and combustible dust in industrial settings can lead to fires and explosions if proper safety precautions aren’t taken.
  • Poor housekeeping – Cluttered or untidy work areas increase the risk of accidents.
  • Lack of training and safety protocols – Inadequate training in safety procedures and the use of safety or personal protection equipment can lead to industrial accidents and injuries.

Types of Manufacturing Accidents and Injuries

Workers face a multitude of potential hazards every day in the dynamic environments of industrial and manufacturing facilities in Myrtle Beach. These settings, characterized by heavy machinery, chemical processes, and intense physical labor, inherently possess a higher risk of accidents and injuries.

Manufacturing Accidents

Common injury accidents in industrial and manufacturing settings include:

    • Machinery entanglements
    • Chemical spills and exposures
    • Falls from heights
    • Slip and fall accidents
    • Fires and explosions
    • Electrical shocks and burns
    • Overexertion incidents
    • Crushing accidents
    • Flying object incidents
    • Forklift accidents
    • Conveyor belt accidents
    • Defective equipment
    • Falling objects and debris
    • Confined space incidents
    • Welding accidents
    • Radiation exposure
    • Other toxic exposure
    • Vehicle accidents within the facility
    • Structural collapses
    • Repetitive motion injuries

    Manufacturing Injuries

    When preventable accidents occur in Myrtle Beach manufacturing facilities, workers can sustain injuries such as:

      • Cuts and lacerations
      • Burns (thermal, chemical, electrical)
      • Bone fractures
      • Amputations
      • Crush injuries
      • Sprains and strains
      • Repetitive strain injuries
      • Hearing loss
      • Eye injuries and vision loss
      • Respiratory illnesses
      • Skin diseases or dermatitis
      • Traumatic brain injuries
      • Spinal cord injuries
      • Muscle injuries
      • Joint dislocations
      • Asphyxiation
      • Electrocution injuries
      • Chemical burns
      • Heatstroke or heat stress
      • Frostbite or cold stress
      • Radiation sickness
      • Psychological trauma
      • Nerve damage

      Options for Pursuing Compensation for an Industrial Accident in Myrtle Beach, SC

      Industrial accidents can be devastating, leaving workers with significant injuries and financial burdens. If you’ve suffered an injury in a Myrtle Beach manufacturing facility, it’s crucial to understand the various sources of compensation available to you through the legal process. These avenues can provide financial relief and support during your recovery process. Potential options include:

      • Workers’ compensation cases – The workers’ compensation system is often the primary source of compensation for workplace injury cases. South Carolina workers’ compensation covers medical care and rehabilitation costs, and replaces a portion of lost income. It’s a no-fault system, meaning you can receive benefits regardless of who caused your on-the-job injury.
      • Third-party claims – If someone other than your employer or a co-worker was responsible, or if you were not working when you got hurt, you could file a personal injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. A personal injury case could yield compensation beyond what workers’ comp benefits can provide to cover your work injury-related medical bills and future medical expenses, all your lost income, and intangible accident-related losses, such as pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life.
      • Product liability claim – If defective machinery or equipment caused your work injuries, you might have a product liability claim against multiple parties, such as the manufacturer, distributor, or other responsible party. That type of personal injury claim seeks compensation for injuries caused by a product’s design, manufacturing, or marketing defect.

      Types of Compensation for Industrial Injury Victims

      Following an industrial or manufacturing accident, you primarily have two avenues for compensation: workers’ compensation benefits and compensation from third-party personal injury claims.

      Workers’ compensation typically covers medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and a portion of lost wages, regardless of fault. These benefits aim to aid your recovery and partially offset the financial impact of your injury. Additionally, workers’ compensation could provide disability payments, either temporary or permanent, depending on the severity and duration of your injury. In fatal accidents, a workers’ compensation claim can provide death benefits to surviving family members.

      On the other hand, third-party personal injury claims in civil court offer an avenue for compensation when someone other than your employer and co-workers bears responsibility for your injury. Examples could include equipment manufacturers, contractors, property owners, or other entities whose negligence contributed to the accident. Third-party personal injury claims can provide a broader range of compensation, including money for pain and suffering, which workers’ compensation does not cover.

      Our industrial accident attorneys in Myrtle Beach can work to maximize your payout by identifying all possible sources of compensation and negotiating forcefully for you.

      How Jebaily Law Firm Supports Clients Dealing with Manufacturing Accidents

      If you have suffered injuries in an industrial or manufacturing incident in Myrtle Beach, don’t face this challenging time alone. The legal team at Jebaily Law Firm offers the skillful and compassionate guidance injured workers need. We are prepared to fully investigate the accident, determine all potentially liable parties and sources of insurance coverage, negotiate for a fair settlement, and pursue your case at hearings and in court, if necessary.

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