Car Accident Chiropractor

In the aftermath of a car accident, drivers and passengers who have been injured need to seek immediate medical treatment. In the weeks and months that follow, it may also be necessary to seek treatment from a chiropractor to correct any lingering neck, spine, back, or other musculoskeletal issues.

Some insurance companies will attempt to deny payment of claims made after a significant time has passed after an accident, so be sure to get an evaluation and begin treatment as soon as possible.

If someone else’s careless actions caused your crash, you should not have to pay for chiropractic treatment out of your own pocket. Depending on the situation, you could be eligible to secure compensation for your chiropractic care, along with any other medical bills that you’ve incurred due to the crash.

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Potential Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

A visit to the chiropractor after a car accident could provide many benefits, including faster healing and preventing some injuries from worsening over time.

Your chiropractor will first perform a thorough examination, diagnose and document any issues, and manipulate the spine to target and relieve pain.

Non-invasive chiropractic treatments may:

  • Reduce pain
  • Promote healing
  • Restore mobility by addressing stiffness and soreness
  • Prevent chronic, long-term conditions from developing

For many people who are injured in a car accident, chiropractic treatment can be an effective alternative to surgery.

When Not to See a Chiropractor

While a visit to the chiropractor can provide relief from pain and can prevent injuries from worsening over time, there is no need to visit a chiropractor if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms after a crash. If you aren’t injured, there is no reason to seek chiropractic treatment.

If you are undergoing other medical treatments, be sure your medical doctor and chiropractor are aware of all your treatments to avoid any negative interactions.

Who Pays for the Chiropractor After Car Accident Injury?

In most car accident cases, the negligent driver – and their insurer – will be responsible for all related damages. Some of the most common expenses that people seek compensation for are their medical bills, including bills for chiropractic treatments.

If you were not at fault for your crash, the negligent driver’s insurance company should cover all medical bills, including chiropractor visits.

How Can Jebaily Law Firm Help Me?

If you see a chiropractor because of injuries you sustained in a car crash in South Carolina, you could be eligible to recover compensation for the cost of treatment, along with other damages. An experienced car accident attorney can help you file a claim against the party responsible for your crash and seek the justice you are owed.

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