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SC Needs More Free and Reduced Medical Clinics

US Representative Jim Clyburn highlighted this issue at the opening of a new clinic near Hilton Head according to an article by SC Now.

I think this is a huge problem facing citizens and residents of the Pee Dee. In Florence County, we are TRULY blessed to have Hope Health. So many of my clients are now able to receive routine, basic health care that they were not receiving before. They are able to establish themselves as a patient, get medication refills, and they receive quality health care. As an attorney, I can actually see the difference in a client’s health once they are receiving regular health care.

Unfortunately, my clients in the outlying rural counties still struggle. Their only real options are paying cash (Which is difficult when unemployed and out of work) or the emergency room.

Your Social Security case depends on medical evidence. We have a list of free and reduced clinics around the state and encourage you to utilize every bit of health care you can. We are continually researching options available for clients. There are also prescription drug programs through the drug manufacturers that you can apply for if you can not afford the medication.

There are also some steps that we can take as your attorney to request a consultative evaluation through the Social Security Administration. Those exams are not guaranteed, but when the judge will agree to order one, it at least helps us establish the medical problems and diagnosis.

I encourage clients that are NOT getting the health care they need to contact a social security lawyer at Jebaily Law Firm so we can discuss the options available. It will benefit your health now, and also help the ALJ to determine if you are disabled and unable to work.

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