Be cautious when speaking to insurance companies after a car accident

Any car accident can immediately complicate a person’s life, but the situation can become even more confusing when the vehicle the individual was driving was a rental car. As is the case with any other motor vehicle accident, liability for damages will depend on which motorist was at fault for the crash.

If you suffered severe injuries or your loved one was killed in a car crash involving a rental vehicle in the greater Myrtle Beach area, you need to understand the insurance coverage available that will protect you and compensate you in the aftermath.

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What Are My Rights After a Rental Car Accident?

When a person is involved in a car crash while driving a rental vehicle, several different applicable policies could be considered. If the individual did not purchase any additional insurance from the rental company, then their personal auto insurance policy will typically cover the damages.

When a person purchased insurance offered by the rental company such as supplemental liability or personal accident insurance, that policy will usually cover the damages. The rental company’s insurance policy may cover only a portion of certain expenses.

Additional insurance from a rental company differs from a collision damage waiver (CDW), which only covers damage to the vehicle you are renting. When you purchase a CDW and are involved in an accident, any damage to the rental vehicle may be covered, but damage to other vehicles is not.

Another kind of insurance that can also be applicable in these cases may be through your credit card. Many credit card companies offer secondary rental insurance that can cover damages an insurance policy may not handle, if you used that card to pay for the rental.

Establishing Liability for a Rental Car Crash

All of the insurance coverage issues listed above are something of a moot point when the other driver was at fault for an accident involving a rental car. In order to prove that another driver was responsible, your first action after any crash needs to be to contact authorities so you can file a police report.

You should always seek medical attention, but also try to take pictures of everything involved in the scene of your accident. If you are unable to do this yourself, try to have a friend or family member do this for you.

If your crash was caused by an unsafe rental vehicle, then the rental company itself or the vehicle manufacturer could be liable for your injuries. You need to work with an experienced lawyer who can pursue every potential source of financial recovery on your behalf.

How Does Rental Car Insurance Work?

When you rent an automobile, your personal auto insurance policy will typically extend to that rental vehicle. Most rental companies will provide additional forms of insurance that people can purchase at an additional cost on top of the rental rate.

CDWs and additional insurance policies are two of the most common options, and people should certainly review their credit card policies to see if additional coverage is provided for rental vehicles. In addition to CDWs, personal accident insurance, and supplemental liability insurance, another type of insurance offered by rental companies is personal effects coverage which covers theft of personal possessions from a rental vehicle and typically provides only a limited amount of coverage.

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