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Electric Scooter Accidents on the Rise. Could They Come to Myrtle Beach?

Electric Scooter Accidents on the Rise Myrtle Beach

Electric Scooter Accidents on the Rise. Could They Come to Myrtle Beach?

Electric scooters are growing in popularity among commuters, tourists and people who are just looking for fun and excitement. While the major dockless scooter companies like Bird and Lime have not yet arrived in Myrtle Beach, local companies have taken advantage of the growing trend.

Unfortunately, safety precautions haven’t kept pace with the explosion in popularity of these tiny vehicles. Scooter rental accidents are on the rise. Riders, drivers on the road, and pedestrians are all at risk of severe and possibly fatal injuries in crashes involving electric scooters.

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Electric Scooters Causing Injuries Nationwide

Electric scooters are taking the country by storm. Scooter companies operate by parking scooters on sidewalks around cities and allowing customers to unlock them for use through mobile phone apps. Riders operate the scooters on sidewalks, streets, and bike paths.

Like any vehicle, electric scooters can cause serious injury if involved in a collision with a car, pedestrian, or object in its path, due to:

  • Operation in a crowded area
  • Not following the rules of the road
  • Lack of training on proper operation
  • Leaving a scooter in a path where someone else may trip on it
  • Riding without safety equipment like a helmet or adequate footwear
  • A manufacturing defect that makes the scooter especially unsafe
  • Riding too fast for conditions

How to Prevent Accidents on Electric Scooters

Exercising reasonable care when operating a scooter can go a long way toward preventing scooter accidents. Riders must operate the scooter only in a location and manner that’s reasonable based on the surrounding conditions.

The company that owns the scooter must make sure to regularly inspect and maintain their fleet to prevent riders from suffering harm. Also, the scooter manufacturer must take care when they design and manufacture their product, to reduce the chance of dangerous flaws or defects.

Any time a scooter accident occurs because of the negligence of a rider or another individual, or any time that a scooter accident occurs because of a manufacturing defect, the responsible party may have a legal liability to the victim for their injuries and other damages.

Statistics on Electric Scooter Injuries

The Washington Post reports that electric scooter injuries are up 161 percent in the past year. Doctors reporting scooter safety statistics say that failing to wear a helmet and intoxication contribute to the severity of scooter accidents. Doctors say these figures may underreport the true dangers of electronic scooters because only emergency room visits are calculated into scooter injury statistics.

Will Electric Scooters Come to Myrtle Beach?

Nearby cities that already have public scooter companies in operation are taking steps to curtail the operation of electric scooters on city streets and sidewalks. One South Carolina city has banned their use on public streets entirely.

Although the larger electric scooter companies have yet to bring their scooters to Myrtle Beach, private Myrtle Beach scooter rentals are on the rise. It is likely that the larger companies like Bird, Lime, and others will consider parking scooters in Myrtle Beach in the future, which could result in more riders and even more injury accidents.

How Can Jebaily Law Firm Help Me?

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