Accidents happen. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 30 million people visit hospital emergency rooms each year as the result of accidental injuries.

When accidents occur, they can result in serious, disabling injuries that prevent you from providing for yourself and your loved ones or from engaging in the activities that you once enjoyed.

We take pride in seeking the best possible results for our clients while treating them like family members throughout the process.

If another person’s negligence caused your injuries, you need advice from a personal injury lawyer with legal knowledge and experience as well as other traits that are important to you.

Choosing the right attorney will make all the difference when it comes to pursuing the compensation you need in order to move on with your life.

As you research different attorneys, knowing the right questions to ask can help you to make the best choice for your case. We suggest that you consider the following questions:

1. How much experience do you and your firm have with cases like mine?

When you are seeking compensation for your injuries, you want to work with a lawyer who has handled accident cases that are similar to yours. If the lawyer has such a background, he or she will know how to handle the investigation and identify and overcome issues that may arise.

For example, truck accident cases are different from other types of auto accident cases. The investigation of a truck accident must be conducted promptly in order to preserve and gather evidence. The case may require going through voluminous state and federal regulations. Also, multiple defendants may be involved, including out-of-state corporations.

So, if you were injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer, you will want to work with an attorney who has previously handled these complex cases.

2. Will I actually get to work with a lawyer or will support staff handle my case?

Some law firms delegate the bulk of their work to paralegals, case managers and other legal assistants. As a result, clients find themselves dealing primarily with someone who is not an attorney.

If you would prefer to work directly with a lawyer and want personal attention from the lawyer who represents you, then you should avoid those types of law firms that delegate work to support staff.

3. Are you willing and prepared to take my case to trial if necessary?

Most personal injury cases can be resolved without the need to go to trial. For an accident victim and his or her family, this can be an ideal outcome. Reaching a settlement avoids the time and expense of going to trial. It also brings finality. Unlike a judgment, a settlement cannot be appealed.

With that said, a settlement is good for a personal injury victim only if it fully and fairly compensates the victim for all of his or her damages. If an at-fault party’s insurance company fails to make a reasonable settlement offer, then your lawyer must be ready, willing and able to take your case to court.

Additionally, the more willing and ready a lawyer is to take a case to trial, the more likely a case will result in a settlement. A carefully prepared case gives you and your lawyer leverage during settlement negotiations.

4. What results have you obtained for other people with cases like mine?

It is certainly important to look at a law firm’s track record. A firm’s past results tell you about the firm’s experience, history of depositions, types of cases the firm has handled and the firm’s dedication to pursuing maximum compensation for its clients. This is why Jebaily Law Firm lists our results on our website.

However, you must remember: A firm’s prior results do not guarantee that a similar outcome will be reached in your case. Every case is different and involves unique facts and legal issues.

5. Have you and your firm been recognized for your professional achievements? 

The recognition that a law firm and its attorneys have received on a local, state and national level can tell you a great deal about the firm. Those accolades reflect the firm’s ethics and professionalism as well as how the firm’s lawyers are viewed by peers in the legal profession.

You should also look at the different legal and community organizations that the firm’s lawyers have worked with over the years. For instance, at Jebaily Law Firm, we are proud to say that our attorneys are active members of organizations such as:

  • South Carolina Bar Association
  • Florence County Bar Association
  • South Carolina Association for Justice
  • Injured Workers’ Advocates of South Carolina
  • South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Education Association
  • National Workplace Injury Law & Advocacy Group
  • South Carolina Brain Injury Association

Additionally, our lawyers work with organizations that strengthen the communities we serve throughout the Pee Dee. For example, we have hosted a Pee Dee Heart Walk team and contributed to Kid’s Chance of South Carolina.

6. What do previous clients say about their experiences with your law firm?

When it comes to choosing a personal injury law firm to represent you, a great deal can be learned by finding out what the firm’s past clients have to say about their experience with the firm.

Client testimonials can inform you about the law firm’s hard work, dedication and willingness to walk clients through every aspect of their case.

7. Will I be able to get in touch with you when I have questions about my case?

You should never be kept in the dark about your case. You should know what is happening with your case at all times. You also deserve to have your questions promptly answered. You need to know whether the personal injury lawyer you are considering will value communication as much as you do.

At Jebaily Law Firm, for instance, we believe in the importance of being readily available for client updates and questions. We feel that developing a close working relationship with each client is a crucial part of our success.

Personal injury cases vary in the time they take. They often require frequent contact in terms of evaluating settlement offers and resolving various issues.

We promise to provide our clients with up-to-date information, thoughtful guidance and answers to their questions at every stage in their case.

8. How will you bill for your services?

A concern for many accident victims is the ability to afford a lawyer’s services. For this reason, you should ask about how a lawyer will bill you.

At Jebaily Law Firm, we represent personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis. You can read an in-depth description of how contingency fee agreements work by going to the American Bar Association website.

As the ABA describes, in a contingency fee agreement, you and your lawyer agree that the lawyer will accept a fixed percentage of any financial recovery that the lawyer obtains on your behalf.  If you do not obtain a verdict or settlement, then you will not pay for the lawyer’s legal fees. You may, however, still be obligated to reimburse your lawyer for expenses he or she has incurred in the course of handling your case.

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