With May coming up shortly, it will soon be time for Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Bike Week 2023. It is one of the region’s biggest annual events and will see hundreds of thousands of bikers from across the country head to the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach. Upon arriving, they will show off their rides during a 10-day celebration that focuses on the Grand Strand’s top vendors and biker bars. This major event will see attendees hit the beach and enjoy plenty of top-notch entertainment during their time in the area.

With these points in mind, our team of legal experts at Jebaily Law Firm wants to offer you some important statistics about the event. We also want to provide you with some driving tips for Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Bike Week 2023. You can count on us as the go-to legal professionals in Myrtle Beach that you can turn to if you get hurt during this year’s big biker rally.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week – What Is It?

Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Bike Week 2023 will take place from May 12 through May 21. It is one of the largest annual biker rallies in the United States and draws attendees from across the county. The week-plus-long celebration centers heavily around Myrtle Beach’s iconic Grand Strand, its biker bars, and vendors. A great deal of the action will take place in and around the area of Murrells Inlet which is located just south of Myrtle Beach.

Some Important Myrtle Beach Bike Week Statistics

There are plenty of available statistics that demonstrate the fact that Myrtle Beach Bike Week is a huge annual event. Many of these statistics also offer insight into the way that the event impacts the area in terms of crime and overall safety. Some notable points to consider include the following:

  • Bike week brings in anywhere from 350 to 400 thousand visitors each year to the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina.
  • 2018 saw the event’s attendance grow with an increase of 20% to 25% as compared with 2017.
  • An increase in crime during bike week means that hundreds of police officers are deployed to patrol the event.
  • 2018 saw police officers issue 226 tickets along with 211 warnings during bike week. This was a 41% increase in issued tickets from the previous year. It was also a 20% increase in the number of issued warnings.

Driving Tips for Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Bike Week 2023

Our team at Jebaily Law has some driving tips that can help you to stay safe on your bike while enjoying the fun and excitement of Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Bike Week 2023. They include:

  • Stay Constantly Focused and Aware of Your Surroundings – Staying constantly aware of your surroundings is one of the most important things for you to do as a motorcycle rider. Though it can be easy to get distracted when there is a lot going on around you, it is important to stay focused while you constantly scan your peripherals.
  • Stay Visible at All Times – Just as you want to be aware of your surroundings while on your motorcycle, you also want to make sure that you are visible so that others can clearly see you. It is important that you make sure that other drivers on the road can see you but you also need to be easily visible to pedestrians who are traveling on foot. Avoiding the blind spots of cars that are near you on the road can help to ensure that you will be visible to their drivers.
  • Ride Slow When You Are Near Bike Week Crowds – As we have noted, you can expect massive crowds to converge on the Myrtle Beach area for this year’s bike week. Given this fact, you should always make sure that you are riding slowly whenever you are in areas where a lot of people have converged.
  • Be Extra Cautious When Turning Left – For motorcycle riders, taking left turns represents one of the most potentially dangerous situations when involved in city traffic. The reason for this is that even if you are clearly visible, it can still be easy for other drivers to lose sight of you. This is particularly the case when there are other vehicles in front of you. Given this fact, it is recommended that you tap your horn or flash your bike’s high beams a few times along with signaling so you can make sure that other drivers know that you are about to make a left-hand turn.
  • Know Your Escape Lane – When riding a motorcycle in city traffic, what might usually amount to a fender-bender could prove to be a deadly accident for a biker. For this reason, you should always have an escape lane planned out. If traffic in front of you suddenly changes or blocks your path, your escape lane gives you a place to retreat to so you can avoid an accident. It is also recommended that you maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles so it is easy to plan an escape lane.
  • Check the Road Conditions Up Ahead of You – Another key tip for staying safe on the roadways around Myrtle Beach during bike week is to constantly scan ahead to check the road conditions. It is important to remember that city areas are far more prone to hazards such as cracks and potholes that can make conditions unsafe for motorcycles.

motorcycle safety tips infographic

Legal Assistance for People Injured During Biker Rallies

Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Bike Week 2023 is sure to be one of the banner events of the year in South Carolina. Though it is a fun-filled week-plus stretch of time, local residents know all too well that it also tends to bring with it an increase in crime and a greater number of traffic accidents that result from intoxication and drunk driving. With these points in mind, our legal experts at Jebaily Law are here to help if you sustain injuries due to the negligent actions of a biker, motorist, or someone else. Contact our Myrtle Beach offices today to arrange your initial consultation so we can discuss your case.

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