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Forklifts – also known as powered industrial trucks – are a familiar presence on construction sites, warehouses, and other workplaces across South Carolina. Since their invention in the early 20th century, forklifts have boosted productivity across many industries. With proper use, these machines can also prevent workplace injuries by reducing workers’ need to manually lift heavy goods. However, forklifts’ size and power can cause severe and even fatal harm if something goes wrong.

If you have suffered an injury or lost a loved one due to a forklift accident in South Carolina, you could be eligible to receive compensation for your losses. The compassionate attorneys at Jebaily Law Firm understand the challenges you are facing. Our legal team has the experience, resources, and skills to fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.

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Our Lawyers Help Workers Hurt in Forklift Accidents

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Jebaily Law Firm have spent over 50 years helping injured workers in South Carolina seek the compensation they deserve. We have handled hundreds of workplace accident cases, including those involving forklifts. We know how to build a strong claim to pursue damages for medical expenses, lost income, reduced earning capacity, pain, suffering, and more.

All our compassionate lawyers and support staff will treat you like family as we aggressively fight for your rights. We are determined to get you the best possible outcome, even if that means taking your case to court.

With over 100 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have the skills and resources to handle even the most complex forklift injury cases. You can trust our lawyers to take care of all the legal challenges while you focus on getting better.

Types and Causes of Forklift Accidents in South Carolina

Some of the most common types of forklift accidents in South Carolina include overturns, falls from the forklift, being struck or crushed by the forklift while on foot, and being struck by falling material.

Some examples of causes of these accidents include:

  • Operating the forklift at excessive speed
  • Operating with an elevated load
  • Improper parking
  • Insufficient or inadequate safety signage
  • Improper maneuvering
  • Horseplay or aggressive driving
  • Poorly serviced vehicles
  • Inadequate training

Whatever the cause, you have a right to claim compensation if you suffered injuries on the job.

Common Types of Forklift Injuries

Forklift drivers and passers-by can suffer severe harm when an accident happens.

Some of the most common severe injuries from forklift accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Crushing injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Bone fractures
  • Joint damage
  • Organ damage and internal bleeding

Many of these injuries require immediate and extensive medical care, and the costs can create an immense financial strain. Injured individuals may also suffer psychological consequences, such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits After a Forklift Accident

In general, South Carolina companies with four or more employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you suffered injuries in a forklift accident on the job, you may be able to receive workers’ comp benefits regardless of who was at fault.

These benefits include:

  • Compensation for all workplace injury-related medical costs, including tests, treatments, surgeries, medical supplies, and rehabilitation
  • Recovery of up to two-thirds of the income you have lost due to temporary or permanent disability
  • Death benefits for certain surviving dependents if an employee loses their life in a forklift accident at work

Potential Third-Party Personal Injury Claims over Forklift Injuries

If a third party (not your employer or a co-worker) was at fault for your forklift-related injuries, you may also be eligible to recover compensation for:

  • 100 percent of your lost wages from missed time at work
  • Reduced earning capacity for disabilities
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Surviving family members of a worker who dies due to a forklift accident can also file a wrongful death claim against a responsible third party. Our experienced forklift accident lawyers in South Carolina are ready to calculate what compensation you can claim if you lost a loved one in a forklift accident.

How Our Lawyers Help with Forklift Accident Claims

The attorneys at Jebaily Law Firm are ready to handle all aspects of your forklift injury case from start to finish, including:

  • Filing a workers’ comp claim on your behalf
  • Pursuing the workers’ comp benefits you deserve
  • Investigating the accident to determine who was at fault if a third party caused the accident
  • Calculating the value of your losses
  • Filling out and filing all necessary forms
  • Negotiating with the insurance company for a full and fair settlement
  • Taking your claim to hearings and to court if necessary
  • Appealing any unfair denials

Let us do all the legal heavy lifting so you can focus on your recovery.

Forklift Accident Statistics

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), nearly 7,300 workers suffered forklift injuries in a single recent year.

Other forklift accident statistics from the NSC include:

  • Forklift injuries require, on average, more days away from work than other workplace accidents – 17 days for forklift accidents and 12 days for others.
  • The leading sectors for forklift accidents include:
    • Manufacturing – 26 percent
    • Transportation and warehousing – 23 percent
    • Wholesale trade – 19 percent
    • Retail trade – 15 percent
    • Construction – 7 percent
  • The most common types of forklift accidents include:
    • Transportation incidents – 52 percent
    • Struck-by-object accidents – 15 percent
    • Struck-against-object accidents – 8 percent
    • Caught-in-equipment accidents – 5 percent

Preventive Measures and Safety Protocols for Forklifts

Preventing forklift accidents depends on observing and practicing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration‘s (OSHA) guidelines.

These include:

  • Training all operators to meet OSHA standards
  • Displaying caution and traffic signs prominently in the workplace
  • Frequently inspecting forklift equipment
  • Avoiding modifying forklifts without manufacturer approval
  • Avoiding operation near flammable or toxic gasses

Infographic on Forklift Safety

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