First aid support accident at work of construction worker at site.

Construction is a big business in Myrtle Beach. Everywhere you turn, it seems like another new housing area, road project, shopping center, or attraction is popping up to accommodate the area’s growing population and tourism appeal.

Unfortunately, the pressure to keep up with the area’s growing demand can cause stress in the workplace for hard-working construction professionals. Some employers may resort to strict deadlines, overworking employees, and scrimping on safety to get a project over the finish line, resulting in devastating consequences for construction workers.

Are you a construction worker injured on the job in Myrtle Beach? Did you know that you have legal rights and may be able to recover meaningful compensation for your injuries and financial losses? At Jebaily Law Firm, our dedicated team of Myrtle Beach construction accident lawyers can help you understand your rights and outline strategies for seeking the maximum compensation you deserve after a workplace accident.

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Types of Construction Accidents and Types of Workers Often Involved

South Carolina and the Myrtle Beach area, in particular, are growing. The area has a lot to offer to both visitors and residents. The construction industry is the backbone of the state’s growth. The South Carolina Department of Commerce estimates that at least 5 percent of the state’s labor force is working on roads, residential development, and commercial expansion projects in the construction industry. However, construction can be a dangerous and demanding job.

Employers must ensure construction workers can access personal protective equipment and work in a reasonably safe environment. Yet, accidents still happen, and they can lead to catastrophic injuries and impairments, some with life-long complications.

Some examples of the most common types of construction accidents that occur at work sites include:

  • Falls
  • Falls from heights
  • Electrocution
  • Being struck by objects
  • Being caught or crushed between objects
  • Machinery accidents

Anyone working on a construction site is susceptible to workplace-related injuries. However, examples of employees commonly injured on the job include:

  • Electricians
  • Roofers
  • Equipment operators
  • Ironworkers
  • Tile setters
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Carpenters
  • Drywall installers
  • Bricklayers
  • Inspectors
  • Truck drivers
  • Site managers
  • Surveyors

No matter your role on the work site, if you’ve been injured in a construction accident, you need to call our Myrtle Beach construction accident lawyers to help you pursue the money you need to recover from your injuries.

Causes of Construction Accidents in Myrtle Beach

There are various causes of construction site accidents in Myrtle Beach. Employer actions or lack thereof are one common reason. Defective equipment and parts are another. Employers must ensure employees have a reasonably safe working environment, including giving them access to personal protective equipment and safety training and keeping all equipment in good repair. Failing to maintain a safe working site violates federal Occupational Health and Safety construction industry guidelines.

Defective products, parts, and machinery can also cause significant construction accidents. Defective equipment can lead to crushing injuries, amputations, fire, explosions, and falls from heights.

Common Injuries on Construction Sites in Myrtle Beach

Machinery, heavy equipment, powerful vehicles, heights, and uneven surfaces make construction sites potentially hazardous. Unfortunately, injuries at a construction site can be severe and life-altering.

Some of the most common injuries on construction sites in Myrtle Beach include:

  • Organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Contusions

If you suffer a workplace injury, immediately report the accident and seek medical attention.

Types of Compensation Available for Injured Myrtle Beach Construction Workers

Have you been injured while working at a construction site in Myrtle Beach? You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses. Many employees are covered by South Carolina’s workers’ compensation program. The workers’ compensation system provides no-fault insurance, which means it Is available to qualified employees regardless of who caused the accident. When injured on the job, you can file a claim and seek benefits to cover your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages. In some situations, workers’ compensation also provides certain disability benefits.

However, if a careless non-employer third party, such as a parts manufacturer or subcontractor, causes a workplace accident, the injured employee may have a right to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Our Myrtle Beach construction accident lawyers can review your situation and advise you of your legal options for pursuing the money you need.

Benefits of Hiring Our Construction Accident Lawyers

Navigating life after a significant construction injury can be challenging. Do you also want to cope with the stress of filing a workers’ compensation claim or a third-party claim on your own? Pass the burden to our experienced South Carolina personal injury lawyers instead, and give yourself the time and energy to heal in peace. At Jebaily Law Firm, we’re ready to identify all potential paths for pursuing maximum compensation, build a compelling claim on your behalf, and negotiate aggressively for all the money you deserve.

You don’t have to manage a claim solo. The benefit of hiring an attorney is that you have an advocate working for you and protecting your interests, not those of your employer or a third party.

Resources for Construction Accident Victims

Are you seeking more information and resources to help you understand your rights as a construction accident victim? Here is a list of helpful resources:

For additional help and information, you can also contact our office and speak with an experienced Myrtle Beach construction accident lawyer.

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