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It is a traumatic enough experience to get hurt in an automobile accident, but the associated pain, stress, and financial burden become even worse when the injury was the result of a hit-and-run crash. If you have been involved in this kind of unfortunate situation, you probably find yourself wondering who is going to pay for your damages. It is a real and troubling issue when the party that was at fault for the accident flees the scene.

This is where the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer is essential. Our Myrtle Beach hit-and-run accident lawyer at Jebaily Law Firm has years of experience and a wealth of legal knowledge regarding these types of accidents, their incidence, and the steps that you can take to receive the compensation that you are due for your injuries and financial losses. We want to tell you more about what you should know about handling hit-and-run automotive accidents.

What Should I Do If I Am Involved in a Hit-and-Run Accident in Myrtle Beach?

Whenever you are involved in an auto accident, the first step should always be to give aid to anyone who has been hurt. If the other driver involved in the accident flees from the scene, you should immediately contact your local law enforcement agency to let them know about the situation. Provide them with a description of the vehicle as well as the direction that the driver headed when they drove away. Law enforcement officers can direct patrol cars to keep an eye out for the vehicle in question.

Seeking treatment from medical professionals should always be your top priority after experiencing a car accident. Once you have sought out medical treatment for your injuries, you should immediately reach out to our hit-and-run accident attorney in Myrtle Beach here at Jebaily Law Firm to talk about your potential legal case. The quicker you do this, the sooner your lawyer can initiate an investigation to find out the accident’s underlying circumstances. Our legal professionals have the experience and knowledge required to help you in seeking out the compensation that you are due.

About the Fleeing Driver Trend

The fleeing driver trend is one of the more concerning statistics that has been on the rise in the last several decades. Since 2006, there have been 682,000 reports of drivers feeling the scene of automobile accidents across the United States. In the state of South Carolina alone, there are some 140,000 traffic accidents each year and the fleeing driver trend has been an issue in an ever-increasing number of them. There are a variety of reasons why a driver may flee the scene of a car crash in Myrtle Beach.

They include:

  • The driver does not have a valid vehicle registration.
  • The vehicle is stolen.
  • The vehicle operator does not have a valid driver’s license and wants to avoid being caught by law enforcement.
  • The driver is operating their vehicle while drunk.
  • The driver is operating their vehicle while under the influence of drugs or in possession of illegal drugs.
  • The driver has warrants out for their arrest and is trying to avoid being caught by law enforcement.
  • The driver panics after the accident and flees the scene.

How Long Do You Have to Report a Hit-and-Run Accident in the State of South Carolina?

If a vehicle is in an accident in the state of South Carolina that results in the injury or death of any involved person, the driver must report it immediately to the local law enforcement agency. This will usually be local police or the county’s sheriff’s department. Depending on where the accident occurred, it may need to be reported to the South Carolina Highway Patrol. If the driver is unable to report the accident, any other occupant of the vehicle that is able to must do so.

If the Driver Who Hit Me Flees, How Do I Get Compensated?

Good investigative work leads to the apprehension of many drivers who flee the scene of an automobile accident. With this said, not every hit-and-run driver gets caught by law enforcement. There are several ways that you can still collect damages if you were involved in a hit-and-run accident where the driver who hit you has not been caught. This can include lost wages and medical costs. Options for doing this include:

  • Medpay – Medpay is a program that can cover your medical costs. If you have this plan, it will cover your expenses up to your coverage level and will do so quickly.
  • An Uninsured Motorist Plan – South Carolina law mandates a minimum uninsured motorist coverage amount of $25,000 per individual. It also includes $50,000 for all other individuals. The property damage coverage amount is $25,000. Drivers also have the option to buy underinsured motorist protection. This can be purchased upon obtaining coverage for a car.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys in Myrtle Beach is ready to help you get compensated if the driver who hit you has fled from the scene. At Jebaily Law Firm, we can help you to navigate these various options if you have been injured in a South Carolina motor vehicle accident where the at-fault driver left the accident site and has not been identified by law enforcement.

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