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Workers' Compensation Instructions

Workers’ Compensation Instruction Sheet

Thank you for choosing Jebaily Law Firm, P. A. to represent you. For the benefit of our clients, we adopted the following rules based on our experience in handling Workers’ Compensation Cases.

Please follow these simple instructions to ensure that your case is better served.


Please keep all scheduled doctors’ appointments. If you must miss an appointment, it is your responsibility to call and reschedule as soon as you know you will not be able to keep the appointment. It looks very bad when you get to court and there is a “no show” in your medical records.

After all doctors’ appointments, please contact Monique A. Cain at our office (843) 667-0400 to update her regarding your medical care. Brian may want to meet with you before AND after your doctors’ appointment, so please call our office as soon as you have scheduled your next doctors’ appointment.

We ask that you not “drop by” without an appointment, so please call to schedule an appointment in advance. We understand about emergency situations, but we ask this so you will not have to wait.

Keep track of all mileage to and from appointments with your authorized treating physician(s), and pharmacy (to pick up prescriptions related to your injury). Visits to any other physicians are not covered.

Use the Workers’ Compensation Mileage Reimbursement Request Sheet to list:
the dates of each treatment; where you left from (home/work address); the name and address of where you went for treatment (doctor(s)/pharmacy); and the round trip mileage.

Please keep all prescription receipts from the authorized treating physician. We will submit these to the insurance carrier for reimbursement to you. Only prescriptions written by the authorized treating physician are covered. Same goes for any paid out of pocket expenses, copays, etc., related to your injury.

If you have any unpaid medical bills being sent to your house, which is treatment related to your injury, please forward all unpaid bills to our office for us to submit to the insurance carrier. We ask that you bring us the most recent copy of each.

Please do not bring in duplicates of the same bill (from the same practice/same amount owed, just different month).

Notify us if you do not get your workers’ compensation checks. Normally the checks will come at about the same time each week, except when the post office delays and holidays interfere with regular delivery.

However, if you do not receive your check for that week, please wait at least 3 FULL WORK DAYS, then if you still have not received a check, please call Monique A. Cain at (843) 667-0400.

Notify us immediately, if you have an address or phone number change. If we can not reach you, your case may be unnecessarily delayed or even jeopardized.


Do not change doctors. If you change doctors without the approval of the insurance company, you will be responsible for the bill. If you are having problems with the doctor you are currently seeing, please schedule a meeting to discuss with Brian.

Do not talk with the insurance company. After you retain an attorney, they are not allowed to talk to you directly. If you do receive a call from an insurance company or their attorney, just tell them that you are being represented by an attorney and give them Brian Yost’s name and phone number (843) 667-0400.

Do not talk to a rehabilitation nurse/nurse case manager if you are approached by one. Rehabilitation nurses work for the insurance company and should not speak to you directly. Direct him/her to our office. It is especially important not to allow a nurse case manager to speak to your physicians outside your presence.

Above all else, please remember that we are here to assist you and want to answer any questions and/or solve any problems you may be having. We suggest that you contact Monique A. Cain, and leave her a voice-mail if she is unavailable at the moment. She receives too many phone calls/voice-mails throughout the day to answer all calls right then, plus get her regular job duties complete, so please be patient. She will try her best to return your call within 48 hours.