Experiencing a personal injury can be a traumatic and harrowing experience, and many victims may wonder if they have a personal injury case. If you are in Little River or elsewhere in South Carolina, the personal injury lawyers at Jebaily Law Firm are ready to help you determine if you have a case and explain all of your legal rights.

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How Can Our Little River Personal Injury Attorneys Help You?

As experienced personal injury lawyers in Little River, SC, Jebaily Law Firm has a history of helping personal injury victims pursue compensation as they try to recover after an accident that was someone else’s fault.

The experienced legal team at Jebaily Law Firm is prepared to assist you by calling on a group of accident reconstruction experts to investigate your case to determine what happened, who should be held responsible, and the amount of compensation you may be entitled to under the law.

Our seasoned lawyers can then prepare a case for any damages to present to the at-fault party’s insurer and demand a fair settlement of the claim. If the case goes to court, we will focus on delivering a compelling case at the trial.

Jebaily Law Firm personal injury attorneys work closely with clients to help them build as strong a case as possible to seek maximum compensation and ensure their legal rights remain protected.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

Many people who have been hurt in an accident may wonder if they have a personal injury case under the law. According to the Legal Information Institute, personal injuries include any kind of injury to a person’s body, emotions, or reputation. Some of the requirements for a personal injury claim include:

  • The injury was the result of someone else’s negligence. The most common causes are car accidents, such as where another driver is at fault for running a stop sign, for example. Another example is someone falling in a store as a result of a wet floor. Other examples of personal injury cases include medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, dog bite injuries, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, and more.
  • The negligence led to actual injuries or losses for the victim, including physical or mental injuries, medical bills, loss of wages due to an inability to return to work, loss of future wages, and pain and suffering.
    If you are in Little River, SC, and are uncertain if you have a personal injury case, reaching out to the personal injury lawyers at Jebaily Law Firm. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can answer your questions and help clarify for you whether you may have a strong case.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Take

There are many different types of personal injury cases, and the lawyers at Jebaily Law Firm take on a wide variety of cases. Here are some examples of the kind of personal injury cases that Jebaily Law Firm handles in Little River:

  • Motor vehicle accidents – This includes car accidents, truck accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, Uber accidents, Amazon or other delivery van accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bus accidents.
    Premises liability – This is when the victim is injured on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions. This can include residential or business areas.
  • Slip and fall accidents – This is a type of premises liability but refers explicitly to slipping and falling as the result of an unreasonably hazardous floor surface.
  • Dog bites – When a dog hurts someone, the owner may be responsible to the victim for medical expenses, time off from work, pain and suffering, and more.
  • Third-party work-related injuries – This refers to personal injury caused by a third party while working. An example may be a defective tool that the victim uses while at work that results in injury.
  • Traumatic brain injuries – Often a result of car accidents or falls, these injuries can require long-term medical care, which is why many people may file a personal injury lawsuit to help cover medical costs and treatment.
  • Spinal cord injuries – Like traumatic brain injuries, this kind of injury resulting from someone else’s negligence can have a long-lasting impact. They may lead to high medical bills, pain and suffering, and permanent paralysis.
  • Construction accidents – Construction accidents may be the result of an employer’s or third party’s negligence. For example, a supervisor might make an error that leads to injury, or a contractor does not meet OSHA standards. Depending on the circumstances, an injured person may claim workers’ compensation benefits or pursue a negligence claim.
  • Wrongful death – Personal claims can be filed by the estate or those close to the person when the victim died due to someone else’s negligence. Death benefits may be available when a worker dies from an on-the-job accident.

Time Limit for Filing a Personal Injury Claim

It is important to note that there is a statute of limitations under the law in South Carolina that limits how much time you have to file a personal injury claim. It typically begins from the day of the accident or injury – but if an injury such as brain trauma is discovered later, that time may not start until the injury becomes apparent or reasonably should have become apparent.

Victims have three years from the date of the injury in South Carolina to file a claim or lose their legal right to do so permanently under S.C. Code Ann. section 15-3-530. Only rare and narrow circumstances can extend the deadline.

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If you suffered injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness, you may have the right to pursue justice and compensation under the law. Our Little River, SC personal injury attorneys are ready to answer your questions and ensure your legal rights remain protected.

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