Temple Nickell

I began my legal career in 2000 while attending Williamsburg Technical College in Kingstree, SC, but have worked with law firms, off and on, in the area since that time. Before I came to Jebaily Law Firm in October 2019, as a legal assistant, I worked as a medical secretary for a local orthopedic practice. I left Jebaily Law Firm in March 2020 but happily returned to the firm as their receptionist in January 2021. I have twenty (20) years of legal experience and find that experience enables me to assist our clients, either on the phone or when they walk into our office, whether they are new possible clients requesting information or clients that have an appointment with us. It is my pleasure to serve as the receptionist and to assist our clients, as well as the public, in getting their needs met and welcoming them to our JLF family!