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Educate Your Teens and Keep Them Safe During ‘100 Deadliest Days of Summer’

For many teenagers, school’s out for the summer. With a bit of newfound freedom, they may pick up a side gig, take a day-trip to the beach or just drive around with friends. Now is a good time to remind…

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Getting Back on the Road Following Quarantine

The COVID-19 quarantine has most of us a bit squirrelly. We’re ready to escape the confines of home and hit the road. If you’re like most of us, you’ve got stuff to do and you’ve been waiting for weeks to…

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Most Dangerous Intersections in Surfside Beach

As a popular tourist destination, traffic in Surfside Beach can get very heavy, particularly in the summer months. With the crush of vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic, intersections in Surfside Beach become frequent locations for accidents in the community.  Several…

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Driving Tips for Bad Weather Conditions in South Carolina

In a perfect world, South Carolina drivers would spend their daily commutes enjoying sunshine and clear skies. However, inclement weather and dangerous conditions cannot always be avoided. In fact, almost a quarter of all vehicle crashes in America are the…

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Truck Accidents: Most Dangerous Roads and Highways in S.C.

Driving near a large truck on the highway can be intimidating, and for good reason. More than 15.5 million trucks currently operate on roads in South Carolina across the United States, and more than 2 million of them are tractor-trailers….

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